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These are a bunch of utilities, interfaces, and patches that I've written over the past couple years to make my Unix life easier. The larger packages have their own pages while the others are linked directly here. Drop me a line if you are interested in any of the code that is not explicitly linked. Some of it is rather old and needs updating, but if you find a use for any of it, please drop me a line. Everything is distributed as Open Source but you can consider it emailware. Note that the older packages do NOT contain a copy of the GPL. You can get a copy directly from the Free Software Foundation.

Here are a couple full-desktop screenshots showcasing some of the software listed below and proving that you can get quite a lot out of a P-100 laptop and a Sparc-1 Xterminal

The boldface dates are the update times of the respective packages. Use your browser's "save link as..." function to download from this page if you get garbage.

last modified 5/21/01