2Dcbuilder 1.0

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Description and Purpose

In building my 3D laser line scanner, I came across the need for a simple coplaner correspondence builder for quick camera calibration. I worked the entire semester without it, and then finally built the thing. It outputs Tsai input format lines. It's written in Tcl/Tk (of course).

2Dcbuilder is a small, self-contained tcl/tk application for building a correspondence list between world coordinates as measured on a 2D co-planer calibration grid and pixels in a sample calibration image. This is intended as a tool for monoscopic X/Y co-planer calibration only, and is not designed to work with more complicated models.





Future/Known Bugs

No known bugs right now.


Please contact the author, Ethan Gold <etgold at thaumaturgy dot net> , with bug reports, suggestions, success stories, etc.

last updated 5/21/01