Tkchooser2 - A Unix/X network broswer

Tkchooser is a Macintosh Chooser-like network browser utility that supports multiple protocols (appletalk, smb) with a modular architecture and relies on external plugins to provide client-specific functionality (appleshare, laserwriters). The idea is to bring a simple GUI-based network interface to Unix.

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Current Version: 0.65.2

Tkchooser is in beta release. I'm still having trouble with appleshare mounting, but there are good things in sight since someone has taken over afpfs development. It is beta because the code is fairly stable and the plugin architecture, while subject to change, is in place and ready to receive third-party plugins. The tarball contains an architecture/API description of sorts which will hopefully inspire some interest. Help is needed with regards to the appletalk support (originally my primary goal!) as afpfs needs work and broadcast for netatalk needs to be (re)written.



Current Features:

Future Plans:

Obstacles to Progress:


See the CHANGES and TODO files in the distribution for more detail

Call for Help:

If anyone would like to write a separate rumba plugin (the rumba name has changed, I think to support smbshare mounting under non-Linux machines, please email me.


Getting tkchooser:

Tkchooser icon search

As an owner of both a mac and PC, I didn't think much about using the appropriate proprietary icons for tkchooser. However, at the suggestion of a user, I've decided to replace them with something more in e GNU spirit. Since I'm a miserable computer artist, I'm soliciting submissions for replacements to the proprietary icons currently used in tkchooser.
The guidelines are as follows:

Contributed Icons.

Mailing List, Discussion, Suggestions, Bug reports, Offers of Help, etc.

Email me, Ethan Gold at <etgold at thaumaturgy dot net>. If you would like to be on the to-be-created mailing list, please send me email. If there is enough interest I will start one beginning with any respondants.

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