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My current equipment includes a 6" Orion Deep Space Explorer Dobsonian mounted reflector with a black and white Connectix Quickcam modified for astrophotography. I pulled off the lens and IR filter assembly and mounted the remaining circuitboard (and CCD) into a black 35mm film canister with the bottom cut away. The canister fits perfectly into a 1 1/4" focusing tube and the roll lip keeps it from falling in any farther. (pics to come) The quickcam is wired to a laptop on a thinnet (10base-2) LAN with my main machine.


I run Linux on the laptop (and desktop) on a thinnet LAN with my main machine. My software is the excellent SANE image aquisition libaries and front-end. Xcam needs a couple more features to simplify image grabbing from the camera, but it's a well put together package nonetheless. I've cropped the images manually with xv if they were screendumps, created thumbnails with xv's "visual schnauzer", and converted the thumbnails to jpegs with a tiny bash script:

for f in moon*.jpg; do
   xvminitoppm $f | cjpeg > "../t_$f"


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