tkArchive v0.22 - a GUI file archive handler for Un*x

tkArchive is a modular, generalized interface to the standard unix file archiving utilities.


I had decided that this project was defunct when a bunch of decent compression UI's starting showing up. I still preferred mine, but didn't feel there was enough market for my variant (and didn't want to write an annoying piece of code) so I stopped development awhile ago. However, I may bring tkArchive back as a comprehensive decompressor only along the lines of Stuffit Expander for the Mac.

Please read the README for more information concerning the current state of tkArchive before you download it.

What's New

The base code has been improved and fleshed out a bit more. Compression and appending support is on the way, now that the infrastructure is in place. The fileselection dialog is being hacked to pieces, and a proper multiple file selection box is the main impediment to having full compression support at this point. Keybindings have been added, and the viewing of files inside and archive is now supported
Raw tar support, correct PWD when returning from viewing a file, and the control keys have been remapped.




last modified 8/31/99