Mid-Hudson Juggling Club Home Page

This Page is deprecated. I do not know where the official MHJC page is now. There MAY still be a juggling organization on the Vassar College campus called the "Barefoot Monkeys".

Welcome to the MHJC home page
The MHJC is a loose affiliation of local jugglers who meet regularly to practice new moves, strut their stuff, and learn from each other. All are welcome at meetings, regardless of experience. If you are in the area, please stop by!!
We are an IJA affiliate.
For more information, email Bruce Engholm at bengholm@mhv.net.
For suggestions or comments regarding this page or if you are an MHJC participant who is not on this page, email <etgold at cs dot vassar dot edu>.

Scheduled Meetings

Fellow jugglers

Below are some regular and some not-so-regular attendees of MHJC meetings. If you belong on this list, but aren't here or have an email address/phone # that you want listed or NOT listed, PLEASE mail me! (this may have to go on a separate page. It takes quite a bit of space!)

Bruce Engholm
mail Bruce for general info about the club.

Ethan Gold
intrepid page builder
etgold at cs dot vassar dot edu

Jamie Gregerson

Patrick Hinkley

Scott Hitchcock

Lorraine Houghton

Steve Johnson

Peter Kantrowitz

Joel Landau

Ted Laurence

Joseph Manning
contact for Vassar Campus meeting info

Ray Mansell

Charlie Murphy

Jackie Reynolds

Ed Ringwood

Melina Rodrrigo

Peter Rodrrigo

Mike Shaffer

Hank Starr

Maya Schlesinger

Ray Speth

Michael Sugarbaker

Joe Temple

Jamie Wehrli

Matthew Wilson
our gung-ho Vassar Jugglers organizer


I can't do this page alone! (I can, but what's the point?) If you have any juggling gifs(small) that you think should be on our front page, mail them to me <etgold at cs dot vassar dot .edu>. Just about any real (not PCX or other obscure, unpopular format) image format is OK.