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This is the homepage of TkBroadcast. Tkbroadcast is an tcl/tk based messaging utility designed to provide the funtionality of broadcast on the Apple Macintosh. While appletalk broadcast is available for Unix, it isn't as slick as the Mac version, and it requires appletalk. If you are mainly interested in messaging between unix workstations, then tkbroadcast is for you! Written entirely in standard tcl/tk, tkbroadcast should be highly portable - EVEN to the Mac and Windows, and since it uses IP instead of a proprietary LAN protocal, it works across the internet.

The latest version is 3.2. The last stable 2.0 release is 2.1b1. 3.0 is a MAJOR overhaul and I recommend switching. 3.2 is much more robust and offers several new features and fewer internal artifacts than 3.0b1 and 3.1. The first of the new metaservers is at running on port 5500. Email me if you have trouble or a bug to report. I'm thinking about putting up a tkbc majordomo mailing list on sitcom. Email me if you are interested.


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Known bugs in 3.2 (and maybe earlier versions)

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last modified 8/24/97