Launcher 0.86 - a one-stop filehandler for Un*x

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Description and Purpose

I got tired of configuring half a dozen separate filetype/handler systems for individual applications and wrote the Launcher to centralize type/handler managment across all my applications. Since the Launcher is a command-line program (with a separate GUI process) it can used as a drop-in replacement for every type/handler pairing in most applications. Launcher is an attempt at an all-in-one file handling solution for use with any software that uses file type to file handler mappings. This utility is the one point of configuration for programs like netscape, the dfm filemanager, tkArchive, tkmail, or any other software that uses filetype/handler pairs. Features include multiple type-discovery methods, apache mime.types parsing for extension mapping, and GUI-based disambiguation. Launcher uses it's own type-to-handler mapping file which is much more flexible than metamail's .mailcap. Unfortunatly the two are not compatible.




Application Compatibility

The Launcher is compatible with any application that uses a commandline to exec filehandlers. The Launcher is in use by the author with or has been demonstrated to work with the following applications/systems. There is no reason the Launcher can't be used by any program requring a simple command-line filehandler:



Future/Known Bugs

I use Launcher every day on my home machine. As I find annoying bugs or features I miss I'll add them in. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like to see the Launcher do.


Please contact the author, Ethan Gold <etgold at thaumaturgy dot net>, with bug reports, suggestions, success stories, etc.

last updated 1/26/00