Personal Projects

Below are some projects I'm working on intermittently. Sometimes I leave 'em for months and then something exciting happens.

My software workshop

This page is a list of packages, patches, interfaces, and little utilities that I've written to make my life easier, predominantly in C and Tcl/Tk. (no academic class programs here). A couple of them are even pretty popular by my humble standards.

3D Laser Scanner

I built a 3D Laser Line Scanner from hardware through point-cloud viewer. for a class project and also just for kicks. It's still in progress, but works. There's some sample data here too.


What you get when you have a scope, cheap CCD cameras, and more computers than you can shake a stick at (believe me, I've tried).

Alternative OS's and Old Hardware

Linux is my primary OS at home (2+ linux boxen, 1 mac, 3 doorstops) because it makes me happy. If I want an environment to handle the details while I get real document-oriented work done I'll use a Mac. Windows just drives up my blood pressure every time I'm forced to use it. I was licensed a copy of Win95 once, but not a single byte remains. If you need more propoganda, check out Slashdot.

I seem to have a knack for getting ahold of old machines for little or no cost - Suns in particular. I've had a slew of Sun-3's pass thru my hands and had one fully operational 3/60 running StunOS 4. Unfortunately an attempted upgrade to NetBSD rendered it inoperable. I've also recently aquired a Sparc-1 which was running RedHat linux 4.2 with some difficulties, but operates beautifully as a diskless Xterminal to my laptop. It's monitor has been requisitioned as the head to my new desktop linux box.

Playing with NetBSD/Mac68k

I managed to get NetBSD 1.2 to boot on my Centris 650 off an external 230MB Magneto Optical drive. It's slow, but pretty cool. Ethernet and X also worked pretty well, though color X was not completely functional. I've since given up since I have enough unix machines and realized I'd rather have MacOS too.

Basic Electronics

I got to play with some pretty cool toys while working at LANL and decided I need to know more about basic electronics. I haven't gotten around to building anything on my own yet.

Network Management

I've worked with Tkined for awhile and wrote some companion and extension scripts.

last modified 4/14/05