Linux on the Sharp 3040

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I've upgraded from Slackware 3.0 (circa Oct. '96) to Redhat-6.0 (8/13/99). I'm extremely pleased with the transition. I've installed 4 RH-6 systems in the last month or so and am very impressed with the distribution.

I bootstrapped the install procedure using the bootnet.img floppy and did an NFS install using my Etherlink-III (3C563B) network/modem card on my home thinnet LAN. The NFS server was my new K6-II/450 system also running RH-6. The install went very smoothly.

Hardware setup

Successes with Linux on the 3040

Problems installing Linux on the 3040

Cons of the 3040

I would be happy to answer any questions I can about Linux on this machine. Just mail etgold at thaumaturgy dot net Note that I do not have Windows on this machine and don't use any Microsoft software at all, so I probably can't help you with those questions.

last modified 8/14/99